Circuit Board Enhances Data Collection, Saves on Cabling

Data Acquisition group
JLab employees pose with the flash ADC board they designed. From left are Fast Electronics Staff Engineers Fernando Barbosa, Benjamin Raydo and Hai Dong; Fast Electronics Group Leader Chris Cuevas, and Data Acquisition Staff Scientist Ed Jastrzembski and Fast Electronics Associate Coordinator Jeff Wilson.

Experiments in Jefferson Lab's experimental halls typically begin with a smash, as millions of electrons from the accelerator crash into an experimental target. Much of the resulting debris is collected and measured by large detectors.

Ideally, scientists would keep all of the information recorded by the detectors, but there's simply too much of it. So they sample portions of the data and use a computer, called the trigger, to process the samples to determine what data to keep and what to throw away. While the trigger is making that determination, the full data set is preserved by sending it through a loop of cable. This process takes just eight millionths of a second – but that's time enough for the data to travel through nearly 1.25 miles of cable!....... more

Detector Group Develops Dual-Headed Cancer Imager

Jefferson Lab and the University of Virginia have redoubled their efforts to catch breast cancer in its earliest stages. Researchers are now developing and testing a two-headed compact gamma camera system.....more


In Their Own Words with Kostas Orginos

I spent my first five years on the island of Andros, Greece, in a small village called Vouni. Since the local school had only one teacher for all six elementary grades, my mother took my brother and me to Athens to attend a better school. My father was captain of an oil tanker, so he was away a great deal. My father's choice of profession had followed the traditional path of educated young men on the island......more


Ready, Set, Go! to the 2008 JAG Run-A-Round

Break out those running shoes! The 23rd annual Jefferson Activities Group Run-A-Round will be held Wednesday, May 14 from 3-6 p.m. Jefferson Lab staff, users, full-time contractors and immediate family members are invited to participate. Staff and users that participate can receive a free 2008 JLab T-shirt by turning in their Run-A-Round bibs.....more

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