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On Target (September 1995)
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    Exposed to the Wonders of Science:

    State Fair proves excellent vehicle to
    introduce thousands to CEBAF

    T he exclamation, "CEBAF? I always passed the sign on I-64 and wondered what it meant," wasn't the only frequent statement pronounced by visitors of CEBAF's display at the Virginia State Fair's Commonwealth Technology Center. The other was: "Wow!"

    "People really enjoyed and were interested in the exhibits; and the cryoshows were a big hit," says Diane Anderson, CEBAF's Compensation and Benefits Manager, who worked two shifts. The many questions fired at workers made for many busy days. Anderson took it all in stride. "It made me feel proud of CEBAF. It was neat to pass on the mission and that CEBAF is worthwhile," she said.

    Joining other exhibitors in the high-tech building, including NASA, MCI, Bell Atlantic and the Virginia State Police, CEBAF stood out by drawing large crowds to more than one hundred Cryogenics performances in an eleven day period (September 21-October 1, 1995). The Center iself attracted more than 200,000 visitors.

    "Once they saw the plumes of fog, they realized 'Wow! Something wild is going on over there," said Steve Gagnon, an education activities technician at CEBAF who performed a number of the shows at the fair.

    Cryogenic Shows were just a portion of the excitement, however. People from all over Virginia and neighboring states, poured into the Center to experience what CEBAF had to offer at the fair. CEBAF's exhibit included:

    • a test of strength against a powerful magnet,
    • displays and handouts outlining CEBAF's mission and outreach programs,
    • learning more about the atom on a computer program, and
    • designing colorful disk with color spinners and markers.

    "The State Fair was a very positive experience for all who participated," says Linda Ware, public information officer. "It was very gratifying for people to ask us what that sign meant on I-64. And it was also a great way to introduce CEBAF to a large number of citizens in Virginia."

    Thanks State Fair Volunteers!
    We couldn't have done it without you.

    Text and photos by Deborah Hyman and David Ellis.

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